Linh Trinh – Episode 79 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

After starting in 2008 in Fitness First, QV and then moving to Anytime Fitness in 2013, it quickly become apparent Linh did not want to trade time for money.  So he delved into the online world.  And here we are.In this podcast, we discuss: - Intro - When the penny dropped and Linh decided it was time to make a go of the interwebz - The key to niching down (and just how important it is) (Plus, Linh's 3 MASTER questions for any trainer on niche discovery) - The secrets to a simple business model - The Key to running high end (yes $5k and up) challenges online (Sales advice and golden nuggets from someone who has been there) - Guide to creating the ultimate email 'opt in' - Ascension Ladders....going from $1 > $37 > $5,000! - The best way to build accountability and engagement inside of a membership community - Challenges along the way for Linh (great, humble answer too) - How can people get in touch?

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Books and resources recommended: Ask. by Ryan Levisque Gritrix - Facebook Group Analytics Platform Scale by Sangeet Paul Choudary Skulpt 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks