Troy 'Trema' Tremellen – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 80 // Hosted by Hayden Wilson

Today on the show I speak with Troy 'Trema' Tremellen from my good old hometown of Shepparton.  Traditionally known as a 'small town' (around 60,000) people, the popular consensus is that personal training and coaching doesn't really work as the market size is not big enough.  Troy turns this backwards theory on it's head.  He is a master of knowing who his ideal client is and works hard with one key goal....RESULTS.

Troy has created something unique with his 'VIPT Lifestyle' coaching business where not only does he make a very comfortable living, he also has plenty of time to spend with his family doing the things he loves.

After working in the bank for 20 odd years, Troy got himself into shape, decided he loved the journey and wanted to do it for others too....So he did.

In this interview, we discuss:

- Troy's history (Banking > 20kg overweight > starting slow....but getting big momentum)

- The transition out of full time work into full time personal training (burning the boats)

- Troy answers the question about re-investing in yourself

- How to create new revenue streams in your business

- The amount of clients Troy currently manages and how exactly he manages it

- Introducing the concept of Business Deloads (really important)

- Why you need to Reverse Engineer you business for the ultimate lifestyle