Sebastian Oreb – Episode 81 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

In today's podcast I speak with elite level coach, and also elite level athlete himself (rare combo), Sebastian Oreb..aka Australian Strength Coach.  Sebastian is THE GUY to go to if you're looking to get strong. Period. His emphasis on technique, work ethic and gym culture has helped create something truly unique at his facility, Base Gym, in Sydney.

We discuss: - Sebastian's History - Down to earth advice for those who want to work with athletes - How to structure the business where you are elevated as the high level coach, and have coaches underneath you - Sebastian's formula for bringing the best out in people and creating a unique culture (Part of why Base Gym is Famous) - The funny/crazy/relevant nicknames Sebastian's athletes have - The 'premium' branding Sebastian has used (and continues to use) to develop a strong following of action takers -  Sebastian reveals where his undying passion comes from to help and educate people from all walks of life - How the ASC chills out and relaxes - The various mentors and advisors Sebastian has had along the way - What's next on the horizon for ASC, Base Gym and Sebastian personally

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