Nathan Chan - Episode 83 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Awesome to have a quick chat with a guy doing some absolutely phenominal things in the world and really pushing ahead in the entreprenuerial space.

We could finally connect and sit down for a chat (virtually sit down that is).

After heading to University and not really knowing what he wanted to do, Nathan jumped into the work force for 'peanuts' as he mentions in the podcast and quickly knew it wasn't for him.  He diligently worked at behind the scenes at night to create a multitude of different brands that got little to no attention before throwing himself into one of his passions....helping entrepreneurs.

Which is when Foundr Mag was born.

After committing $2000USD (of credit card funds) into developing the first version, he quickly got his act together and shipped the first mag within 4 months.

What I really love about Nathan is just how quickly he implements.  Something I am also a big fan of and the 100+ successful people Ive spoken to all mention that rate of implementation is KEY to success. (Eg: we recorded this podcast at 9:30 - 10 this morning...and right now, 45 minutes later it's edited, artwork done and show launched...this is the speed you need to get used to and become a custom to).

Listen along to Foundrmag, Founder, (mouthful), Nathan Chan where we cover the following:

  1. Overcoming fears around career choices and how to handle self doubt
  2. What does 'wanting it bad enough' mean to Nathan?
  3. Nathan describing the feelings of embarrassment upon first launching foundr mag and being paid (including crippling feeling of having his housemates girlfriend laugh in his face when he mentioned he made the first sale)
  4. Strategies to move the needle forward (excellent advice for anyone stuck in a learning and not doing phase)
  5. The Nathan Chan guide to the goal setting process to TRULY achieve amazing things. (and although Nathan mentions he does this at the start of the year, I challenge you to start this process AS SOON AS YOU FINISH this podcast....yes date has nothing to do with it.

You can learn more about Foundr Mag and what they do here.

Enjoy. Hayden

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