Alwyn Cosgrove - Episode 85 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Really great to speak with Alwyn Cosgrove on the podcast most recently and get inside the brain of a man who has many, many years in our industry.

This episode is a great reality check for those who are operating their 'business' by chance.  You will understand what that means entirely when you listen to the episode, but basically, too many business owners are paying zero attention to the systems of their business and repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

What Alwyn and I discuss in this podcast is exactly how to go about minimising that and waking up to the fact that business is a serious thing and if you don't have your game face're going to fail!

We also go into some personal stuff, and Alwyn speaks about his journey with stage 4 cancer...Having lost someone very close to me from cancer, I can tell you this isn't nice.  But Alwyn turned this into a positive and used it to create a new lease on life, and is dominating.

Below are all the show notes for you to enjoy.

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  • Introduction and History of Alwyn
  • What is was like being told you have stage 4 cancer (scary as hell I would have imaged...Alwyn's answer really sums it up well though)
  • The importance of systems within a gym
  • The realities of owning a (highly successful) facility
  • Mentors and books along the way to success
  • Where did Alwyn's hunger come from? (The keys needed to truly be successful)
  • A quick discussion on Leila...(you'll find out about this by listening)
  • Lastly, What has Alwyn changed his mind about over the past 12 months?

Thanks for listening. Hayden

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