Nick Orton – Episode 88 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

On today's show we have Nick Orton, who is the founder, promoter and host of BodyPower.  But he didn't start there.  In fact, Nick wasn't even in the fitness industry.  In fact, he was involved in the pharmacy industry and decided to put on a series of B2B trade shows. He sold this company after many many successful trade shows, and started BodyPower...and as they say the rest is history.

These days, Nick pushes harder and harder and BodyPower (the company) is now represented in 29 countries.

Terrific interview with a great thinker....ENJOY!

In this interview:

  • Nick's history (Starting the 'Pharmacy Show', selling expo's B2B, selling the company)
  • BodyPower's start and how Nick got it off the ground (great story involving Kai Greene, Victor Martinez and Dorian Yates)
  • How Nick built connections with some of the biggest names in the industry (perfect for anyone who doesn't have an existing network...!)
  • The haters/doubters of BodyPower in the beginning, and how Nick got them to 'believe it' before they could 'see it'
  • How to make your expo successful with Nick's 'win-win-win' strategy
  • The countries that BodyPower has expanded into (up to 29 countries!)
  • What it's like to receive death threats! (crazy!)
  • Nick and Hayden's wake up call to those who want to get into business
  • Challenges that Nick has faced along his journey to success
  • Nick and his handle on 'Stress'
  • How to become an innovator in your industry and march to the beat of your own drum
  • Who Nick looks up to in the 'entrepreneurial world'
  • Learning how to 'reach up' (THE WAY to get what you want)
  • Future for Nick and what is happening next

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