John Spencer Ellis – Episode 90 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

How cool is this? Just finished up a great chat with John Spencer Ellis.  John is a PROLIFIC thinking, strategist and DO-ER!
I could list all the projects and companies he has started, like NESTA, or the Spencer Institute of Life Coaching (normally I would be detracted by 'life coaching' but given John's success, he is actually qualified to speak in the area!), but if you want to learn that, jump over to his website:
We drop so much in this simple episode and I can tell you that there are some really great things happening in the mix with this guy!
We cover (among other things)
  • The 3 things John does every day to ensure he is successful
  • How to manage and create staff that want to excel and grow your company
  • Simple wealth creation strategies and your guide to starting a second income stream (John has 40 so he is fairly qualified to make this call!)
  • Why you need to start thinking globally (Local thinking creates linear impact, Global thinking creates Exponential impact)
  • How the hell to avoid the bright shiny object feeling (2 things John does to maintain focus)
  • How to minimise self doubt (it never truly goes away, but you can reduce it using these simple tips!)
What I have done here for you is collated a 1-page summary of everything we spoke about (as well as the answers to the above) and put it into a simple document for you to print off, enjoy and read at your leisure (or use as you listen along as I have put a section there for your notes...NO excuses now :))
My designer is just finishing it up and will have it out very shortly.

Enjoy the episode!