Bobby Maximus – Episode 92 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Great to speak with a man who has genuine authenticity.  Bobby Maximus and I go deep in this interview.  Really deep.  We explore the topics of success, 'coaching', mindset and what drives Bobby.  This is a must listen to episode for anyone with drive, passion and a hunger for life.

Here are 5 key take-aways that I got just from talking to Bobby.  I'm 100% sure you can draw out 15 more.

  1. "What will other people think, and what will other people say" are the 10 most dangerous words in the world
  2. If you want to see people reach their best, always lead by example
  3. You might not be as good as someone...but you can work just as hard.  (Eg: Train like Michael Jordan trains...!)
  4. Meditation doesn't have to be 'meditation' in what the gurus tell you.  Rock it your own way and find your own 'meditation'
  5. Stop living in the world of "can't".  There is so much out there that is ready to be claimed by those who want to work for it.

I know I left this interview feeling inspired and I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Thankyou Bobby for your time.