Jack Canfield – Episode 99 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Jack is the co-author of the HIGHLY successful ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, Star of The Secret (viewed by over 300 million people), has appeared on Oprah, CNN and many other TV/Radio programs and is the world’s most in-demand coach.

When Jack and his co-author, Mark Victor Hansen, initially released the first Chicken Soup for the Soul, they were turned down by 143 publishers. When they finally did find one that said yes, that publisher told them they would sell around 20,000 copies. Jack and Mark looked them straight in the eye and said our vision is to sell a million in a half in a year and a half (to which the publisher laughed in their faces at).

Following on, Jack & Mark did something called ‘The Rule of Five’ where every single day, they took five action steps towards actualising their goal.

They asked and asked and asked and asked and asked.

Who could use this book? Who could benefit from it’s message? What can we do to spread the word quicker?

They got creative and shared the book with everyone they possibly could.

And today, the book series has sold over 500 MILLION copies.

Jack puts this down to having a clear vision and never giving up on it.

This is just one example of what Jack teaches.

In this episode we have a conversation and really dig deep into who Jack is, what his process for success is, what he (at times) struggles with an much, much more.


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