John Romaniello – Episode 96 // PT Prophet Podcast with Hayden Wilson

Had a blast chatting with industry legend, and cool dude, John 'Roman' Romaniello recently on the podcast.

Roman is a writer, fitness expert, story teller, marketing and business consultant and all around legend.

In the interview we go in depth into topics such as:

What was Roman's first job What writing means to him and where the inspiration comes from The many hidden talents of Roman (ie: poker semi-pro) Joseph Campbell's book: 'A hero with a thousand faces' and how you can really benefit from that (picture attached below of what the hero's journey actually is. Meeting Tim Ferriss Networking and how to maximise this (a couple of proven, integral ways) Who Roman's first mentors were Giving credit when credit is due

I had a lot of fun during the interview and you will notice many many laughs.

Looking forward to catching up with Roman when he is over here in Australia early 2016 and challenging him to a competitive eat off.

You can find Roman here:

Fitness Based Stuff Facebook: Instagram: @johnromaniello Twitter: @johnromaniello Snapchat: @johnromaniello

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