How Would it Feel if Within Just 60 Days,
You Were Handing Your Clients (& Prospects)
A Copy of Your Very Own Book?

If you’re like most ambitious business owners, today more than ever, you’re probably on the lookout for new ways to stand out from your competition…

You’re also probably aware just how crowded the whole internet digital market-y space is right now…

Think about the last time you were scrolling your social media…nearly very second post is an ad inviting you to some extended sales pitch disguised as a webinar or some free download of a ‘super secret 101 step success system’…

I don’t know about you, but I find it a bit tiring.

Which is what I wanted to talk to you about today…If you want to be different and stand out, it’s time to think a little bit different and do different things.


60 minutes of undivided attention.

Imagine being able to spend 30, 60 or even 120 minutes of uninterrupted time, educating a potential client, on the benefits of your service and your specific way of doing things?

Can you imagine the trust, love and appreciation they would have for you if you were the one who took away their current biggest pain?

Unless you’re one of those strange people who tries to walk and read while they’re walking down the street, than you might like to know the following facts about the power of physical books:

- A book does not need to be charged.
- A book requires two hands to hold.
- A book needs your full attention to read properly.
- A book builds trust like nothing else.

In today’s ultra-busy environment, the customer is a MASTER of multi-tasking. They’re busier, more frustrated and overwhelmed with the constant barrage of options clogging up their inbox, news feeds and lives.

Right now, everyone - regardless of age or background, has less time, less mental space and less tolerance for anything that isn’t going to help them get closer to their current major goal…they’ve got a problem and they want it fixed. NOW!


PLUG and Play.

Here’s what I know…If you know that you can get results, you already have a HUGE wealth of knowledge to draw from. That is, most of the aspiring authors I speak with actually don’t have a problem


A done with you plan.

Why do I suggest 98%, and not 100%? Because if you waited for 100% certainty, you’d be forever on the sidelines. Business, at times, will require you to risk something. If you’re risk averse and not prepared to put your cash, time or reputation on the line, business ownership probably isn’t for you.


Books change lives.

Over the course of my time on earth, on more than one occasion, a book has saved my life. Whether it be reading from Les Brown, gaining life wisdom from Tony Robbins, or reading about the world’s greatest leaders, books have always been my biggest inspiration.

It's a fact - books change lives. There is just something about a book that helps you escape. It takes you to an entirely new world. A world filled with hope, intregue and possibility.


1,000 Silent Soldiers

Imagine for a second you have your very own army. Inside your sqaud, is a team of 1,000 highly polished, never-tiring or wavering, 100% obedient and indestructible soldiers that work 24/7/365 to fight for what you believe in.

They’re designed, trained and optimised to win the war no matter what.

Now…picture your opponent. It’s just one person. One person who has to sleep, make calls, get stuck talking with un-qualified prospects and of course, fight their own battles every day.

Would you rather have 1000 silent soldiers working for you around the clock? Or be stuck as the bottleneck?


The Ultimate scale

This is why books are so powerful. Because they work when you’re not. I love waking up to pictures of people from all around the world who’re enjoying the words I wrote and implementing them inside their lives.

Scale might be the buzz word of 2018…but I truly don’t think people know what it means. A book

Stop wasting your time

Imagine saying this to a potential client…”I’d love to work together. The only condition I have is that I ONLY work with those who first read my book.

Can you imagine how that positions you in the eyes of the customer? More than that though, is by running your business this way, you’re going to weed out any time wasters who were never going to buy anyway. Which means those that do take the time to read through your book are going to be HOT and ready to get busy working with you.



business stress test.jpg

What is the Business Stress Test?


The ‘Business Stress Test’ is a private 1-1 session with high performance business coach and consultant, Hayden Wilson.

Inside this session, we tackle the two essentials of all business start-up success:

  • Your Idea - where we pull apart, dissect, review and re-construct your big idea to make it bulletproof and free of common (and some not so common) errors.

  • Your Mindset - where we do the exact same as the above, but with ‘you’. This helps us to identify any blocks that exist inside your mental game that will (or are currently) preventing you from becoming successful inside the path of your choosing.


What You'll Walk Away With...

Complete Confidence to know your new business idea is sound and free of commonly missed errors.

A Clear and Concise Roadmap of where your time, money and energy is best spent moving forward to get you ready and prepared to be a business owner.

A Thorough Understanding of the practical action steps need to happen to continually raise business within your personal values, and build a mindset for ‘business success’.

If you choose, the Opportunity to become part of the Hayden Wilson crew to rapidly expand your client base doing the work you love.


My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident in what it is we do, that if within the first portion of our Stress Test session, if you feel you’re not gaining significant insight and value into what it means to be a business owner, I will happily refund your complete investment right on the I'll even let you keep my private documentation and preparation work. You really do have nothing to lose.


Who is Hayden?

Hayden is a high performance business coach specialising in helping ambitious leaders grow the business they love, so they can spend time doing that which most fulfils them. Working directly with some of Australia’s most emerging and established business leaders, his core focus is to bring out the best in both you and your business.


What Others Are Saying:

“I was looking for an experienced coach to help guide me through starting my coaching business, then Hayden entered my life. It's amazing how the universe delivers! Hayden believed in my potential even when I doubted myself. He asked the tough questions that needed to be asked and helped me uncover more than I expected.”
Sherrann Ross

“When I first met Hayden I was lost in the direction I was taking in my career, I was lacking purpose. He came highly recommended and I could see why as soon as I met him. Walking away from my first session with him I now have a new pathway that has given me purpose and I have taken back control of my life. He will challenge you, tell you what you need to hear (not what you want to hear) and most importantly, he will always be there in your corner!
Adrian Peskett

“Hayden Wilson is the realest of the real when it comes to results coaches. His ability to problem solve & simplify is better than anybody I have ever met which is why he is able to pull the potential out of others and create amazing results quicker and more effectively than anybody else. I can’t thank him enough for the hugely positive impact he has had on my life!”
Alex Tatterson

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Step 4: We conduct the ‘Stress Test’ where you will walk away with complete confidence knowing that you have the right tools, guidance and roadmap to make your business idea a reality.

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