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If you're like many great small businesses I get the opportunity to visit and hear about, right now you maybe feeling a little lost and lonely when it comes to the question of “what’s next”?

Yes, you enjoy what you do, and yes, you’re great at it, but you’re also frustrated as hell that lately you’ve been feeling completely stuck without a clear plan forward.

If you’d love to regain the passion, purpose and 'omph’ you once had for your business, but haven’t felt in weeks, months or years, I can help.

Here’s how…



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When you make the decision to engage in a Business Reboot, you'll finally get some real clarity over what it is you're doing on the inside of your business and most importantly, what you're not doing that's stopping you from reaching that next level.

You’ll start with our highly specialised (and specifically built for small service based businesses) 120+ questionnaire assessment, which will quickly and accurately discover exactly which areas of your business are missing and require attention.

Next, you and I will build a rapid plan action that will get you out of the rut, and rapidly move you forward.

The result for you is not just clarity of what you can do TODAY to grow and re-shape your business to how you would love it, but a clear, structured set of ‘tasks’ that show you step by step how to do so.


Do you know you’ve got more to give?

What could be possible for you if we were able to find just one, two or three new ways to bring in revenue to the business?

Or if we managed to free up 3-5 hours of your time per week, every week, for the next 12 months?

It's not just possible, but highly probable.

I know you’re good at what you do, if you weren’t you wouldn’t be here, but the game has changed.

Now it’s not just about being good at what you do, but also being able to clearly articulate that in a fast paced world.

The Business Reboot is all about identifying which of the predictable (sometimes forgotten or missed) performance markers we need to focus on, maximise and multiply. That way you can spend more time working on the stuff that actually helps you grow, and less on the stuff that make you feel stuck.


What We'll Do...

  • Perform a full health check on your current sales and marketing systems so we can find out exactly what needs to happen to create and convert more prospects into paying clients.

  • Understand and monitor the key drivers of client performance, including not just how to get faster results and more breakthroughs with them personally, but how to then turn them into a referral generating machines that grows your business for you, whether you're there or not.

  • Discover where you as the founder and owner are leaking time and energy, so we can get you back on track, to do the work that matters to you and produces the best results.

  • Find the previously hidden income and results producing opportunities you may very well be missing due to being too close to the business, or not really sure what it is you need to look for.

  • Provide a complete review of your entire business from a trained professional who has not only helped countless professionals just like you, but also one who genuinely cares about your success.


What We'll Be Specifically Looking At...

Across the six different categories of business performance,
together we'll be going deep on...

Clarity of Purpose - What you're really here to do and getting clear around that to give you ultimate focus.

Products that Wow - Are you stuck selling time for money,  don't get paid if you don't work (meaning holidays are a nightmare) or have poor cash flow due to not charging what you're worth? Let's do something about it.

Generating Leads - How are you attracting new clients to you and your business? And what can we do to identify and maximise the stuff that actually works?

Make Sales - Is your sales system running like a brand new Ferrari, or more like a rusted out 1980 Honda Civic? Do you have the systems in place to convert hungry prospects into paying clients?

Review Performance - Do you know the crucial numbers you need to hit each week, month and year to really grow your business? For example, what's your average cost per lead? Do you know the average lifetime value of a customer? When you make sense of the numbers that matter, business becomes a whole lot less confusing.

Scale & Growth - Are you ready to scale? If we injected a stream of fresh clients into your business today, what breaks down first, and how can we prevent that from happening in advance?


What you'll walk away with...

Complete Clarity over what you should (and shouldn't) be doing inside your business and why it's important for you.

Peace of Mind to know each and every day you're actually moving in the right direction to reach your goals.

A Custom-To-You Growth Roadmap giving you the exact blueprint you'll need to go out there and do the work that truly matters to you.

AT LEAST $500 worth of savings, revenue generation or profit increasing strategies that actually work inside your business (see my guarantee below).

If you choose, the opportunity to rapidly grow doing the work you love.


My $550 Guarantee

I am so confident in what it is we do, that if within the first portion of our Reboot session, we have not found AT LEAST $550 worth of profit that you're currently missing, have overlooked, or can't directly see as a result of what we've discussed, I will happily refund your complete investment right on the spot...Plus I'll even let you keep my private questionnaire I've spent years refining. You really do have nothing to lose.


Ready To Act?

Stop spending time heading in the wrong direction. Let's get specific on what you need to do to build the business you love.

For just $550, this could be the wisest investment you'll ever make.

Let's find out where you're at, and get busy getting you back on track for the future you deserve.

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The Business Reboot with Hayden Wilson
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