Massive Action With Ro Hawley

Learn how we helped Ro, founder of Barbell Babes Brigade, go from 50 sessions a week by herself, rarely getting to see her partner (or always being tired when she did), and even questioning if this whole fitness thing was really for her...

To now owning one of Australia's premier performance facilities purposely built for the EXACT clients she loves to work with and having a business that allows her the luxury of going on holiday to her hometown of NZ (without losing money).

You can do it too. This post shows you how.

When Ro came to me, she was actually in a position where she was so good at what she did, that her entire life was her business. It really was a case of being the victim of her own success.

At the time, her and her partner were constantly fighting (due to her 70+ hr per week work), her own training was being pushed to the side, and even though she had a full book of clients, she was desperately seeking another way of running her business as this was NOT sustainable or enjoyable…either that or get out of the industry completely.

We decided to sit down and have a proper look at what we could do in terms of moving forward and locate the highest potential for growth.

Although she was working from a big box gym at the time, she wanted out - as did her clients who were sick of the rude members and un-welcomed stares. With so many variables to that equation though, she wasn’t sure how that could happen or what to do next.

At this point, she was asking herself the question…”Is this really the life I want to live?”

It was do or die.

We both agreed what needed to happen next. It was time to go ALL IN.

So what did we do?

Step 1: First, we needed to desperately buy back some of her time. A young trainer (who was also a current client) was very keen to do some shadowing hours with Ro. So we put in place a plan to hire her immediately, and get her up to speed as a coach. That free’d up around 15-20 hours per week.

Step 2: Next, we started building a plan to open a female only performance facility in around nine to twelve months time.  She floated the idea with her tribe (who loved it), ran the numbers to make sure financially it made sense and could break even, and then looked at the layout/equipment/locations.

Within just a few weeks, through a string of ‘coincidences’, the open date was pushed dramatically forward, and within 3 months, she found herself applying for council permits and had everything in place ready for the open.

Step 3: We then setup 3 levels of packages in an ‘ascending’ manner:

  • Level 1: Group classes (lowest price point)

  • Level 2: Semi-private (mid level price point)

  • Level 3: Very close 1-1 (high level price point)

All have a minimum of 12 week commitment. Yes it provides a security of income, but more importantly, it give her and her coaches time to create long term results with their clients (the most important thing).

Step 4: Ro launched a comprehensive (and ongoing) organic social media plan which focused on the amazing culture that was continually being developed at her gym. Small piercing captions, great high quality professional photography capturing ‘magic moments’ and a lot of ladies lifting weights (the core purpose of the facility).

Step 5: We worked strategically and ethically, to ascend members up to higher and higher levels of membership in order to extract higher profits from the current membership base, and help them even more in their lives.

Here are the results...

Under 18 months on, and the facility (with very little paid advertising or external marketing) is running at just over 80% capacity. The growth rate is 4-6 new high quality clients each month with a retention rate just above 92%. Ro now also employs 2 other full time coaches, and a (nearly) full time admin to handle the paperwork and extra tasks she is now too valuable (or not interested) to do.

Her social media brings in roughly 6-12 leads per month when she pushes it, of which 50% convert to a consult, and around 90% of those turn into paying customers once she gets them on the gym floor. The gym is highly profitable, and soon to be booked out.

More importantly though, Ro is now able to spend time with her curious and fun 1 year old daughter, and her husband again. It finally feels like she has a life again.

Because of the hard work she has put into the business side of her life, she now also has the option (and profit) available to pursue her passion projects such as mentoring younger female trainers in the industry she loves, travel back to New Zealand to see her family without stress, and is just about finished her own book about lifting, life and her journey on this earth.

A truly remarkable transformation.

What you can learn from this?

Listen to your tribe - they have the answers.
When any new product is about to be created, this trainer will go to her female only crew and ask what they think. The bond is strong and as such, they are raving fans. Your clients know what they want, you’ve just got to get great at asking, listening and then implementing.

Strategy > Tactics
Strategy beats tactics every day of the week. Before you even think about launching a paid marketing campaign, first make sure you have the foundations in place. The above should really help.

Success starts with YOU
During this journey, Ro and I did a great amount of personal development work. This is what allowed her to truly discover what HER best life looked life and define personal ‘success’. This is the only way you can create the life you want to live. There is no blueprint for that. You have to write it.

At a glance…

  • Get clarity on what you truly want

  • Make sure you’re covered financially (risk reduction)

  • Ask for input from your crew

  • Build your products around making more profit


  • Don’t get stuck worrying about making the right decisions, worry about making your decisions right.

Ready for Results Like Ro?

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