Ready to be your own boss, Escape the ‘Rat Race’ and Choose your own hours?

Starting, building and running a business you love is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time here on earth. It can give you freedom, fun, finances and fulfilment.

However, before you dive head first into becoming a business owner, I wanted to share a few bits and bobs I’ve learned over my time as a business owner.

The purpose of what is below is not to turn you off creating something great (I believe more than ever this world needs more ambitious leaders just like you), but instead to provide a realistic, objective view of what to expect before you jump into the whirlwind ride that is business ownership


Business is HARD.

Business is going to be the hardest thing you’ll ever tackle. Especially if you’ve never run one before or have no idea where to start. You might’ve read about the late nights, early mornings, consistent rejection, loneliness, discomfort, failure, and facing of your fears beforehand...but until you actually experience it firsthand, nothing can really prepare you.

Knowing what it takes to start up, grow and build a business, it’s not all that surprising to know that the number of business that fail within the first 12 months is somewhere around the 90% mark.

What is scary (and disappointing) to me though, is to think that nearly all of the mistakes that lead to the demise of so many great hopes and dreams, are completely (and predictably) preventable.


Realistic Expectations.

In economics (and life) there is something called an ‘Opportunity Cost’. Which mean as we choose to invest our time, money and energy into one thing, naturally, something else must miss out.

Ultimately, life is a series of trade offs. Which means before you start your new venture, you’ve got to be at least 98% sure this is for you, and that you’re ready to explore what being a business owner really means.


Why 98% though?

Why do I suggest 98%, and not 100%? Because if you waited for 100% certainty, you’d be forever on the sidelines. Business, at times, will require you to risk something. If you’re risk averse and not prepared to put your cash, time or reputation on the line, business ownership probably isn’t for you.


Business in 9 Words...

Right now, many businesses are holding themselves back for no other reason than they don't know, what they don't know.

Here’s the thing most won’t tell you about business though: it is simple. In fact, we can sum it up in 9 words: ‘Find problem. Solve problem. Get paid in the process.’ Which means really, it’s not all that complex to make it work. And yet why is it then that so many fail in building their ‘dream’ business when there’s really only a few things to get right? Simply put, it’s because of the P word.


The P Word.

I know it’s not ‘sexy’ or ultra ‘marketable’, but the straight out difference between a business that succeeds vs. a business that fails, is almost always planning. Knowing what you do, who you do it for, how you’ll get paid for that, and where you’re going in the future make up the foundational elements of a successful business.

When we create an effective plan, it puts us on the fast track to make greatness happen, not just on the inside of our business, but also our lives.


A Worthy Challenge.

The thing is, if you were to ask anyone who’s actually in the trenches of running a business, (as opposed to sitting on the sidelines commentating), at times it's going to feel like you’re in a leaky raft paddling like hell just to avoid going over the 90 ft waterfall a few meters ahead. At other times, you’ll feel like you’re 14 again, cruising down a hill on mountain bike with the wind in your hair and not a problem in the world.

It’s a topsy turvy ride, but anyone who’s experienced it for themselves and continues to stay in business, knows the good times outweigh the bad ones.

Truth is, all life is challenge, and to live an inspired life, built by design, you’ve got to choose challenges that inspire you. Things that you not only believe are valuable additions to this world, but that others see as valuable too.


Which brings us Here.

After seeing countless ambitious people struggle in business (many of whom are my friends or people I know), I wanted to create a tool to assist in helping them (and their future) right from the start get on the right path inside of business ownership. Something that could stop them from wasting countless hours, energy and money with something that is flawed from the start, or worse, could’ve been amazing, had it been properly thought out and stress tested much earlier on.

If you think you could benefit from a tool that will alleviate the stress, sleepless nights and tough learned lessons well in advance, and want to best prepare yourself for the road ahead with more certainty than what you have right now, then I want to introduce you to the Business Stress Test.



business stress test.jpg

What is the Business Stress Test?


The ‘Business Stress Test’ is a private 1-1 session with high performance business coach and consultant, Hayden Wilson.

Inside this session, we tackle the two essentials of all business start-up success:

  • Your Idea - where we pull apart, dissect, review and re-construct your big idea to make it bulletproof and free of common (and some not so common) errors.

  • Your Mindset - where we do the exact same as the above, but with ‘you’. This helps us to identify any blocks that exist inside your mental game that will (or are currently) preventing you from becoming successful inside the path of your choosing.


What You'll Walk Away With...

Complete Confidence to know your new business idea is sound and free of commonly missed errors.

A Clear and Concise Roadmap of where your time, money and energy is best spent moving forward to get you ready and prepared to be a business owner.

A Thorough Understanding of the practical action steps need to happen to continually raise business within your personal values, and build a mindset for ‘business success’.

If you choose, the Opportunity to become part of the Hayden Wilson crew to rapidly expand your client base doing the work you love.


My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident in what it is we do, that if within the first portion of our Stress Test session, if you feel you’re not gaining significant insight and value into what it means to be a business owner, I will happily refund your complete investment right on the I'll even let you keep my private documentation and preparation work. You really do have nothing to lose.


Who is Hayden?

Hayden is a high performance business coach specialising in helping ambitious leaders grow the business they love, so they can spend time doing that which most fulfils them. Working directly with some of Australia’s most emerging and established business leaders, his core focus is to bring out the best in both you and your business.


What Others Are Saying:

“I was looking for an experienced coach to help guide me through starting my coaching business, then Hayden entered my life. It's amazing how the universe delivers! Hayden believed in my potential even when I doubted myself. He asked the tough questions that needed to be asked and helped me uncover more than I expected.”
Sherrann Ross

“When I first met Hayden I was lost in the direction I was taking in my career, I was lacking purpose. He came highly recommended and I could see why as soon as I met him. Walking away from my first session with him I now have a new pathway that has given me purpose and I have taken back control of my life. He will challenge you, tell you what you need to hear (not what you want to hear) and most importantly, he will always be there in your corner!
Adrian Peskett

“Hayden Wilson is the realest of the real when it comes to results coaches. His ability to problem solve & simplify is better than anybody I have ever met which is why he is able to pull the potential out of others and create amazing results quicker and more effectively than anybody else. I can’t thank him enough for the hugely positive impact he has had on my life!”
Alex Tatterson

I’m In...Where to From Here?

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Step 3: You will book in a time for our session that is most convenient for you via a unique booking link. These are conducted via video or in person in our East Melbourne offices.

Step 4: We conduct the ‘Stress Test’ where you will walk away with complete confidence knowing that you have the right tools, guidance and roadmap to make your business idea a reality.

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