Let’s Get You Some Clarity,
So You Can Get Out There And Live A Great Life.

The problem with many of the so called ‘marketing gurus’ today, is they’re seemingly fixated on telling you what you they think you should be doing, without first realising two key things:

1. Their definition of success is most likely very different to yours.

2. That if they just spent a little bit of time getting to know you and your current situation, they’d see that for themselves.

Instead, they attempt to cram even more information down your already overflowing throat, which only makes the problem worse.

It’s not more information you need, it’s advice.

Personalised, specific, custom-to-you and your situation, advice that is relevant, suitable and catered for exactly where you are at right now.

What I want to offer to you, completely gratis (free), is the chance to sit down and remove the noise to finally get some clarity around what it is you’re here to do in your business, and build a plan of action to get out there and make it happen.



The reality is, no-one gets into business for themselves just to ‘be in business’. You did it because of the rewards, gifts and growth you thought would occur because of it.

No boss, the ability to choose your own hours and of course, having the free time readily available to do more of what you love, whenever you feel like it.

And yet the vast majority of the business owners I speak with, describe their reality as a little different.

It’s not that they hate their business, they actually enjoy it. They like (most) of their clients. They enjoy watching others grow, and for the most part, it’s fairly good…but they know something is missing.

Like there’s a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that if it were found, would make all the difference.

Well, based upon my experience, expertise and ability to take a 30,000ft strategic view of most small business owners like yourself, that missing piece is clarity.

Let me explain…

Isn’t it true that once you know the ‘what’, you’re good to go? That it’s not hard work you’re afraid of, but instead the feeling of working like hell, only to find out you’ve been heading in the wrong direction this whole time?

How Much Longer?

The question isn’t whether you’re going to continue or not. You and both know deep down you enjoy what you do, there’s just a few pieces that you’re stuck on. If you could just iron out the kinks, you’ll be good.

I see it all the time. Most importantly though, I’ve experienced it myself.

It wasn’t that long ago where everything was a little unclear for me too. The stack of books next to my bed wasn’t getting any smaller and I would watch the free videos online in HOPES of picking up my golden nugget.

A yet it never really came…

I’d look around at everyone else, and it seemed they had all the answers, and I didn’t. Like there was a big inside joke that everyone knew about, except they’d decided to keep me out of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d been able to get to a point by myself that was fairly successful, but inside I had that feeling where I knew there had to be something more.

Finally…some answers.

Then it happened. I discovered that the answer for me wasn’t trying to learn more and more information, but in fact getting clear on 2 things: Discovering EXACTLY where I was, and then consciously EXACTLY where I wanted to be.

That’s when everything changed for me. Like the clouds parting suddenly I could see clearly and actually focus on the things that mattered and could push my business forward.

And now, if you think it would be valuable for you to have that same level of laser-like focus, I want to offer to you the chance to spend some time together, where I can help you get that same clarity over your next steps.


THe ‘sticking points’

After spending years making (plenty of) my own business mistakes, and working with business owners just like you, I’ve been able to uncover the biggest reasons why great businesses get stuck.

Let’s call these ‘sticking points’.

Here are the main sticking points I’ve discovered

  • Stuck being compared to lesser quality competitors who don’t know (or care) half as much as you do

  • Stuck not knowing how to market your message effectively to attract high quality prospects to your service

  • Stuck on what the future looks like and where your focus should be to continue progressing to the next level

  • Stuck with low sales volume or flakey prospects who cancel or worse, just don’t show up

  • Stuck with the ups and downs of small business cashflow (which you’ve come to ‘kind of accept’)

  • Stuck ‘being’ your entire business (meaning you’re ‘it’. If you don’t physically show up, you don’t get paid)

  • Stuck worrying that you’re being left behind and that you’re going to stay this was forever

Do any (or all) of those sound familiar?

If you’re like most of the businesses I speak with, the answer is yes.

However, the best new is, once you find out what holes you need to plug, you can get busy actually making the progress you know you’re capable of.

And that’s what I want to help you with on our call.


What you will walk away with

By the end of our call, I am 100% confident you will walk away with the following:

Clarity over what pieces are missing on the inside of your fitness business.

Confidence that you understand the key elements inside your business that need some attention in order for you to grow.

A Clear Pathway to help you get out there and make it happen as rapidly as possible.

An Opportunity to explore what it would look like to work together and make your business truly great.

Don't Just Take My Word For It though...

Here are a few others who've taken the time to explore what could be possible for them with my assistance:

"Hayden is genuine, intelligent and a great person to deal with. If you would like to improve your existing business or start a new one, Hayden is the perfect person to assist you. I haven't looked back since I met him!"
- Adrian Peskett

"Hayden Wilson is the realest of the real when it comes to results coaches. His ability to problem solve & simplify is better than anybody I have ever met which is why he is able to pull the potential out of others and create amazing results quicker and more effectively than anybody else."
- Alex Tatterson

"Hayden is authentic, genuine and totally transparent. He wants the best for you and he's ready to fight for you - but he won't do the work for you. Hayden helped me to have the strength to forge my own path, instead of following the crowd."
- Elissa Jewell

"Hayden has been instrumental in my development over the years, both personally and professionally. He challenges you to think and dream bigger and has been an amazing mentor to me."
- James Buckley

"Hayden is great. He truly helped me...especially with helping me to reflect on myself. I have started journaling which has been the greatest help because it lets me set out the issues on page and think about how to either deal with or think of options to resolve it. So I thank you again Hayden :)"
- Angela Rassos

IT's TIME TO Take advantage...today

I invite you to take me up on this opportunity, today. The longer you delay it, the longer you'll stay stuck (which doesn't help anyone). 

If you choose to say yes to yourself and yes to your future, here's what will happen next…

The button at the bottom of this page will take you to a short, but powerful questionnaire. This questionnaire should take between 7-10 minutes to fill in, and will give me a direct insight into where you are in your business, where you want to be and if I think you will benefit from our business audit.

NOTE: I take your growth very seriously, and expect you to as well. Your future is important to me, which is why I am only able to work with those who are willing to put in the work up front. If you cannot afford the 7-10 minutes to fill in the form openly, honestly and thoroughly, then this opportunity probably isn't for you.

I choose only work with those who are prepared to put in the work.

If this sounds like you, and you are ready, willing, prepared and excited to discover the gaps on the inside of your business, click the button below and apply for your free call now.


I look forward to seeing your application come through and seeing how I can grow YOU.