Results That Speak For Themselves:

Opened Dream facility profitable from day 1 and 175% growth within 11 months


Hayden has changed my life. Over the two years that I have been working with Hayden I have been presented with opportunities I never expected. The support, guidance and genuine friendship I have gained over this time has allowed me to make changes in my personal life that ignited my professional growth. Thank you doesn’t seem to cut it- you are a special human

- Rochene Hawley
Barbell Babes Brigade.

$30,000 in 3 weeks from just one offer.


I’ve had many coaches & mentors and been apart of of some big & expensive programs in the past but Hayden has been the ONLY Business Coach to really help me discover my passion/purpose.

His genuine, authentic and REAL approach to everything is what truly sets him apart! I’m only 4 months in with him now and have never had more clarity & purpose in my life! I credit Hayden 100% for helping me “open my eyes” to what business & living life is all about.

- Caleb Ormsby

From 0 to FULLY BOOKED within 4 Months
(with 100% resign rate)


I believe that there is no one more passionate and more driven to lead and guide by example more than Hayden himself.

By walking the path of Growth himself, Hayden is the 'realest' source of support and inspiration I have ever come across.
- Jessica Gabrielli

Fully Broke to
Fully BookeD
($12,000 a month)


Hayden has been with me through the good times, the not so good times, and even the darkest times of my life. The thing that sets him apart is his genuine approach to actually want to help.

I know what it feels like to have an empty diary, but through a few simple changes, Hayden helped me get on track to help me not only rebuild a business but to rebuild my life. I am now in a beautiful gym, while living in my dream apartment and finally feel like I’m on track with my goals!

  • Wayne Govender
    Empire Lifestyle Management

From $4k - $25k p/m within 14 Months


I was a huge fan for years before engaging Hayden professionally to grow my business and have not been disappointed with the awesome achievements we've accomplished together over the last two years.
- Roy Hanford
The Fit Project



I was looking for an experienced coach to help guide me through starting my coaching business, then Hayden entered my life. It's amazing how the universe delivers!

Hayden believed in my potential even when I doubted myself. He asked the tough questions that needed to be asked and helped me uncover more than I expected.

- Sherrann Ross
Sherrann Ross Leaderhip